What Games are on Christmas Day 2022? | NFL & NBA Schedule

This year, the Christmas Day 2022 NFL & NBA games schedule is packed with exciting and impressive games. This year’s NBA showcases five different matchups: Bucks at Celtics, Grizzlies at Warriors, Nuggets at Suns, Lakers at Mavericks, and Sixers at Knicks. Some games are rivalries from the previous year’s playoffs. This makes it very interesting to watch.

On the other hand, there will be three NFL Christmas games in 2022. These games will mark the first Christmas tripleheader in the league’s history. Additionally, the three games include four playoffs from last season, a trio of interesting quarterback matchups, and each of the past two Super Bowl champions.

NBA Games

Let’s start with the five NBA Christmas day games this season:

  1. Grizzlies vs Warriors

    These teams are among the top of the top rivalries currently. It started in 2021 when the Grizzlies eliminated the Warriors during the playing tournament and also continued when they faced each other during the last playoff season in the Western Conference semifinals. Fans expect a high performance from both teams since there has been several trash-talking from both teams. 
  1. Nuggets vs Suns

    These teams aren’t rivals but fans expect an interesting matchup since the Nuggets and Suns top the Western Conference. There are also several stars as the Suns have Deandre Ayton, Devin Booker, and Chris Paul while the Nuggets have Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. Fans expect a high-scoring game between the team in the coming Christmas day match. 
  1. Bucks vs Celtics

    Currently, when people talk about the best team in the east, two teams come to mind, either the Celtics or the Bucks. These teams have topped the Eastern Conference for the last two seasons and they have been pushing strong this season. Fans expect a lot of rivalries since they have previously faced off in the playoffs. 
  1. Sixers vs Knicks

    The Knicks were added among the best Christmas day games of all time. But, this was back in the day when they were top contenders. In the 2022 Christmas game, they face the Sixers and Joel Embiid. Out of the last 19 games, Philadelphia has played, they have won 17. The Sixers are a better team on paper than the Knicks. But, who can predict a game? It could be a tight matchup.
  1. Lakers vs Mavericks

    The Lakers seem to have found their rhythm before Christmas. And Anthony Davis who has been on a tear lately is leading the charge. Meanwhile, LeBron James keeps going strong even at 37. As the top all-time scorer on Christmas day, LeBron James isn’t a stranger to such games, so much is expected. 

    Conversely, Dallas will have to heavily rely on Luka Doncic for the offense. Fans expect high performances from Luka Doncic, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. 

NFL Games

On the other hand, the NFL also has exciting games lined up for viewers on Christmas day. Let’s take a look at the NFL Christmas game schedule. 

  1. Buccaneers at Cardinals 

    On Christmas day, there will be a triple head as the Buccaneers head to Arizona to face off with the Cardinals. Currently, Arizona is on a stretch for what has been a tumultuous season as they lost Kyler Murray for the year because of a torn ACL. For Tampa Bay, the season hasn’t been all rose and sunshine either, but they have a chance to make the playoffs. 

    Since the start of week 15, they hold the first position in the NFC South, though they have a 6-7 record this year. If they can perform well this season including their matchup in Arizona, they will have a shot at the playoffs and even have a second improbable run. 
  1. Broncos at Rams

    Though these teams haven’t lived up to their lofty preseason expectations, fans expect an interesting narrative. In L.A., it would be pretty interesting to see if Baker Mayfield (claimed by the Rams through waivers) can have a performance that would see him get a starting job somewhere in NFL 2023. 

    Also, this game is an appointment viewing for those who live the NFL Draft especially, in the Detroit and Seattle area. 
  1. Packers at Dolphins

    The NFL 2022 hasn’t been too good for the Packers as they are playing well outside the playoff conversation. Additionally, they seem to be thinking deeply about the idea of shutting down Aaron Rodgers for the season. In the meantime, the Dolphins are the team currently in the playoff picture. They are the number 6 seed that came out for week 14. 

    With the addition of Tyreek Hill to their offense and also, the arrival of head coach Mike McDaniel, this has proven to be good for Tua Tagovailoa. He has established himself as the top quarterback going forward. 


As Christmas falls on a weekend this year, this means that the NFL and the NBA would give viewers and fans an exciting game. Fans expect a lot of intriguing and interesting actions under the Christmas tree. This would be the first time in NFL history that there would be a Christmas day triple header that would feature several games with profound playoff implications.

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