Breaking down the NFL standings: Week 12 Power Rankings

This is the first time this season in the NFL standings, that the Kansas City Chiefs is among the top NFL Power Rankings. Kansas City Chiefs moved above the Eagles after they had a superb performance from Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes who created a comeback win over the Chargers on Sunday Night Football. 

Also, the Kansas City Chiefs are one of many teams to remain in uncharted territory. The Cowboys are fresh off an astonishing win performance over the Vikings as they proceed to the top three teams for the first time this season. Fans also expect a bounce-back from the Bills. 

So, read on to find out some of the top teams in the National Football league week 12 Power Rankings. 

  1. Kansas City Chiefs
    Patrick Mahomes took to the field to play with a 1:46, team railing with four points to the Chargers and two timeouts on Sunday Night Football. During this time, NBC put up a laughable graphic stating that the Kansas City Chiefs analytically speaking had only a 24% chance to win the game.
    But, it was laughable and somewhat absurd that Mahomes rolled down the field with five plays before they connected a third touchdown pass to Travis Kelce to win at the SoFi Stadium with a score of 30-27. Kelce who is 33 is on a roll as this remains one of his best seasons and he has been particularly unstoppable when playing in front of big audiences. His league-leading touchdowns came during his prime-time games.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles
    The Philadelphia Eagles lost against the Commanders in week 10. This saw their undefeated season streak stop. On Sunday, they were almost on the verge of a two-game losing streak, but their offense came to life in the nick of time. Jalen Hurts led Philadelphia Eagles to two fourth-quarter touchdowns, with the final score coming on a quarterback draw with about 80 seconds remaining to play, resulting in a 17-16 victory at Lucas Oil Stadium.
    The Philadelphia Eagles have won seven straight regular-season road games which date back to the previous year and now they sit above the Vikings with a game ahead in the race for the top spot in the NFL. Jason Kelce says they have “a lot to clean up for sure”. This was in acknowledgment of the Philadelphia Eagles’ somewhat dull first three quarters.
  1. Dallas Cowboys
    Many call this game a certified Statement Game. The Cowboys previously went up to Minneapolis and beat the Vikings in a 40-3 game. This put the NFL on notice and removed the previous week’s defeat to the packers. 
    Dak Prescott was quite intimidating, the defense was strong, Brett Maher took home a 60-yard goal (two actually) and Tony Pollard also reminded fans that the current world is a post-Zeke one when we talk about the most vital player in the Dallas backfield. 
    Up next, they are to play a thanksgiving match with the Giants team that ought to be nervous about getting to play the Dallas Cowboys at this moment.
  1. Buffalo Bills
    The most difficult stretch of Bill’s seasons entered an absurd territory when Western New York was buried in a massive snowstorm as the team was forced to move to Detroit for a home game against the Browns. The Bills later played as a team that shoveled its way out of Buffalo during the first half before they found themselves in a 31-23 win at the Fort Field.
    The start of the running game was pretty notable as the Bills team went up a season-high of 33 runs for 171 yards. Devin Singletary and James Cook each had a run for 86 yards in the win. Fans expect Buffalo to commit to this new balance on offense in their Thanksgiving game against the Lions.
  1. San Francisco 49ers
    Sometimes when the offense is humming and healthy just like it was on Monday Night Football in Mexico City, it is pretty unfair. San Francisco moved to first in the NFC West after their win over the Cardinals on Monday Night Football. Jimmy Garoppolo got the ball to the hands of his playmakers with superb proficiency that resulted in a 38-10 demolition of the overmatched Cardinals. 
    Jimmy Garappolo had four touchdown passes without any turnover and had several connections with wide-open receivers who ran free against the Arizona defense that was densely packed in during the fourth quarter. With the imposing and physical defense, the team is ready for liftoff.


Overall, the 2022 NFL season has been unique and has made the entire NFL division’s standings quite complex to navigate throughout the first half of the season. But, now that 11 weeks have passed, it is becoming quite clear who are contenders and who are not.

Every team has more than three wins, which is quite respectable. But, this doesn’t mean that these teams have a hope of getting enough wins to get the chance to compete for the playoffs. It isn’t a problem to look forward to the 2023 NFL Draft.

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