How to Play

How to Play

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Pick a contest from NFL NBA MLB or NHL

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Pick your teams. Our estimates are here to help

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Go big or small with your bonus threshold

Get started

Fantasy sports contests empower you to select teams for every new contest.

Try Beginner Contest

Your first 50 contests against beginners start you off on the right foot!

Enter a 50/50 Contest

As a beginner, you can also enter one of these with other beginners and finish in the top 50% to win cash regardless of the number of entries.

Pick Teams

To enter any contest, you have the ability to choose the sport you want, selecting a group of teams and adjusting the slider to get more bonus points for your favorites.

The Basics

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In the game lobby, you have the option to choose:
Contest Types:
Featured – Don’t miss out on these fantasy sports contests!
Beginner – These are the bunny hills, the starting courses, the “easy” ones. And you can enter into 50 of them against other beginners for cash prizes.
Head to Head – Mano a mano, man to man (or woman to woman!), one on one, winner take all!
50/50s – If the Head to Head is a bit too intimidating, you can enter this and simply finish in the top half for easy cash. Nothing wrong with that!

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After entering a contest, select your teams. Each team has an estimated fantasy points.
We have done the hard work and pre-selected the roster for each team.
For example: An NFL team may have 8 pre-selected players and 2 reserves.
Once you’ve picked a team, you can “+” it to your entry.

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What’s cool here is upping your payout if you feel your team can win.
Who knows! We might be a bit off on our estimate, and if that’s the case, move the slider up.
If your team crosses the required threshold, you’ve scored big with a power move on DreamPick!


Ideally, you’d want to see that you’ve been placed into a paying position!
If that’s the case, you’ll see how much you’ve won as the contest’s prize structure determines, and the winnings will be credited into your DreamPick account. Score! But that’s not all…. Use some of your winnings to play even more contests. Or just withdraw it and go on a shopping spree. Whatever floats your boat! Learn more about withdrawals and deposits right here !

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