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Win Big with Easy Exciting
Team-Based Fantasy Sports!

No Complicated Drafts!
No Salary Caps!
Sign-Up Bonus Matching Deposit Up to $100!

How To Play


Pick a contest from NFL NBA MLB or NHL.


Pick your teams. Our estimates are here to help.


Go big or small with your bonus threshold

Easy And Fun For Everyone

Team-Based Fantasy

Traditional DFS force you to pick players, but here you instead get to pick teams.

Easy & Quick to Complete

Entering a contest takes 2 minutes - not hours dealing with players and salary caps.

Safe and Secure Payment

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex.

Multiple Sports to Choose From

We offer a range of contests across the NFL NBA MLB or NHL.

DreamPick vs Traditional DFS

Know and Use Your Favorite Teams
Zero Complex Drafts & Salary Caps
No Need to Be a Math Nerd
Set Your Own Bonus Points

Customer Testimonials

OMG - this is so much easier than DraftKings. Those salary caps in DK give me a headache. Love the bonus section.

Even my dad was able to play this. He gets a kick out of sliding the bonus to 100% on his team.

Feels liberating to play fantasy without the sharks. Had my picks in within 2 minutes flat.

See why over 5 million people have played.

People love us and so would you!

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John Williams
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Liz James
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