DOs and DON’Ts for Beginners of daily fantasy sports (DFS)

Dos Don'ts of DFS

So, you’re thinking of venturing into the exciting world of DFS, a popular form of online gaming that has taken the world by storm. Don’t you want to know what the platform is all about before stepping into the warzone? In DFS, you can form or choose a virtual team of real-life athletes and compete for cash prizes against other players. The game generously allows you to enjoy the excitement and thrills of traditional fantasy sports, but with the added benefit of immediate gratification. If you’re a sports fan, you might already be on your way to play it on a whim. But this is real money, my friend, so it is critical that you understand the dos and don’ts of DFS to succeed and win prizes. Hare, we present to you the ultimate DFS guide for beginners.

What is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), is a type of fantasy sport game. In traditional fantasy sports games, players compete against one another by assembling or selecting a team of professional athletes from a specific league or competition while staying within a salary cap, and earning points based on the players’ actual statistical performance in real-world competitions. Daily fantasy sports are a shortened version of traditional fantasy sports that are played over short time periods, such as a week or a single day, as opposed to those that are played over an entire season. Daily fantasy sports are typically structured as paid competitions known as “contests,” with winners receiving a share of a predetermined pot funded by their entry fees. Rake revenue is derived from a portion of entry fee payments.

Something about the daily contests makes everything more exciting and enjoyable. For one thing, there’s more variety, and it’s possible to try out new strategies and lineups every week, which keep things interesting. In a season-long league, it’s easy to find yourself playing the same players or teams’ week in and week out, especially if no one else is interested in trading. Due to this, it may be tough for you to recover from one or two early errors, possibly to the point where you have no chance of succeeding. Every day and every week in daily fantasy sports, you start with a clean slate.

The quickness with which rewards are distributed is also one of the most entertaining features of daily fantasy sports. Since nothing is decided until the end of the season, you will have to wait three to four months before receiving any winnings in a season-long game. However, profits in daily fantasy sports competitions are given out practically immediately as the winner is determined after each contest.

If you weren’t already sold on the idea of playing Daily Fantasy Sports, we have a feeling now you are. Let’s dive into the Dos and Don’ts of it in this DFS guide for beginners, so that you can sign up and start winning some cash prizes.

Dos & Don’ts of Daily Fantasy Sports:

  1. Do your research: The ability of a DFS player to conduct adequate research and make wise decisions is crucial to the player’s success. This is so that gamers can stay informed about the most recent player/team news, performance patterns, and adjustments to team dynamics. Players’ chances of winning are increased when they make wise roster decisions when they are aware of their players’ or teams’ current condition.

    In a DFS contest, researching the players is also important because it helps players understand the value of their players in relation to the salary cap. Knowing the value of each player is essential for assembling a winning roster because it allows players to maximize the number of points they receive from each player while remaining under the salary cap.

    In addition to researching players and teams, it is equally important to research the DFS games themselves. Knowing the rules, scoring systems, and game variations is critical because they can have a significant impact on a player’s chances of winning. Some DFS games, for example, award more points for specific types of plays, such as interceptions in football or blocked shots in hockey.

  2. Don’t set your lineups too soon: This is a common mistake beginners make but it’s not an irreversible one. You can choose your lineup ahead of time, but you must always change it later if new information becomes available. This makes daily fantasy sound like a chore, but it will add to the fun and win you more profit. A lot can happen during the day and into the evening before the games start, which is why you should always be prepared with a Plan B, and then C, and then maybe D.

  3. Do set a budget: Setting a budget in daily fantasy sports (DFS) is an important aspect of the game because it helps players control their spending and ensures they stay within their means. For some players, the thrill of winning and the possibility of large payouts can lead to excessive spending and financial difficulties. This is why having a budget is essential.

    Setting a budget also limits the amount of money players can spend on draft picks and contest entries. This prevents players from overspending and ensures that they do not spend more than they can afford to lose. A budget also assists players in prioritizing their spending and allocating their resources to the contests with the best chances of success. This can result in a more strategic approach to DFS and a higher chance of winning.

  4. Don’t draft players solely based on reputation: Choosing a player solely on his reputation can have significant drawbacks in DFS. Here are a few reasons why other factors should be considered before deciding:

    A.  A player’s reputation may not always reflect current performance. A former star may be in a slump or have suffered an injury that affects his performance. A relatively unknown player, on the other hand, may be having a breakout season and outperforming more established players.
    B. The player’s team and the game situation must also be considered. For instance, if a player’s team is up against a tough defense, his points may be limited regardless of his reputation. Conversely, if a player is playing against a weaker opponent, he may have a higher chance of scoring more points.
    C. The salary cap restricts how much money you can spend on your roster. If you drafted too many high-priced players based on reputation, you may not be able to fill out the rest of your roster, leaving you with a weak team.
    D. Any player could sustain an injury at any time, even the star ones, and their absence could have a big effect on how well their team performs if they were the only one you were depending on to score.

  5. Do focus on one sport: A player’s chances of success can be considerably increased by concentrating on one sport. A player can get a greater grasp of the sport, the players, and the different variables that can affect performance by focusing on that particular sport. They are therefore able to create their lineups with greater knowledge, which raises their chances of winning.

    When a player focuses solely on one sport, he or she is more likely to be up to date on the latest developments and can use this knowledge to their advantage when selecting players for their lineups. Trying to keep track of multiple sports, on the other hand, can leave a player feeling overwhelmed and missing important information.

  6. Don’t be biased: As a sports fan, it is possible for players to be biased, and become emotionally involved when selecting athletes or teams. You might want to start your favorite player, but it’s possible that they’re not having a good week or are injured. Many DFS players make the mistake of succumbing to this bias. But keep in mind that real money is at stake. Your final decisions about players and teams can have serious consequences. To avoid losing everything, make decisions based on logic and analysis rather than emotions.

  7. Do go for the right site: To have a good DFS experience, you must choose the right site for you. Whether you are interested in sign-up bonuses and want a site that can help you maximize them, or you want simple cash contests that will earn you more money, the right site is out there! However, if you’re looking for a daily fantasy site that offers a variety of fun contests, self-set bonus points, and an extra punch, DreamPick is the way to go! The extra punch was referring to the site’s team based DFS contests. Team sports are more difficult in some ways. But once you have them, and your analysis begins to point you in the right direction, success will follow right behind. I

    To understand all about DreamPick and how it works, you can read the beginner’s guide for DreamPick right here.

  8. Don’t forget to have fun: Remember that daily fantasy is merely a game meant to be enjoyed, therefore you must have all the fun you can. During a thrilling game, you must never lose sight of the reason you started playing DFS in the first place, which was to have fun, even if you are determined to become a pro and make a life from it. The ethics often start to erode when players start to take it too seriously. So, make sure you are playing within your limits and getting entertained at the same time.


Daily fantasy sports can be a fun and exciting way to enjoy your favorite sports, but it’s important to do so responsibly. You can make the most of your daily fantasy sports experience while avoiding common pitfalls by following the dos and don’ts outlined in this article.

Remember that in DFS, you’ll always come across a player who is smarter than you or knows more, especially in the beginning. Don’t be disheartened because you’ve only just begun. Soon, you’ll be the expert they’ll be talking about. If you want to get there sooner, check out our insightful blog about the ultimate guide of DFS strategies (hyperlink),

For now, you can increase your chances of success and ensure a positive experience by following this DFS guide for beginners. With a little bit of strategy and a lot of knowledge, you can turn your love of sports into a winning experience. So, champ, always play responsibly, stick to your budget, and never chase losses. Have fun and good luck!

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