What Is Daily Fantasy Sports? – A Detailed View Into DFS

You’ve probably heard of daily fantasy sports if you’ve played any online sports games during the past several years. Even if you haven’t, it’s likely that you’ve at least heard the phrase “DFS” used. Sports fans aren’t exactly subtle about enjoying it as it allows them to flex their knowledge of various sports and compete for cash prizes. But what exactly is Daily Fantasy Sports? How does it work? Where can you play it? And is it even legal where you live?

You don’t have to worry about the answers to these questions. You just need to be interested in playing the most popular form of fantasy sports, and we will walk you through all the ins and outs of DFS.

Let us start with the basics.

What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a type of online fantasy sports in which players draft a team of real-life athletes and compete in a one-day or week-long fantasy competition against other players for cash prizes. It is based on the season-long fantasy tournaments in which millions of people participate each year, only here the contests are conducted on a daily basis. Season-long fantasy leagues, which require dedication to a single team for months on end, are a thing of the past. Daily fantasy sports enable players to select a different team each day (or each week) and take part in a variety of competitions with different prize pools.

There are a few more distinctions to be made between season-long fantasy leagues and Daily Fantasy Sports, and they are mostly based on scale. While season-long fantasy leagues are played among dozens of people, DFS allows you to compete against hundreds or thousands of other people. DFS is also big on money, with people wagering thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Due to this, DFS has become a popular alternative to traditional season-long fantasy sports leagues, attracting millions of players from around the world, thanks to its fast-paced action and high stakes. Another reason DFS is so rapidly growing is because it combines the excitement of traditional sports with the strategy and competitiveness of fantasy sports. Not only that, but you can also choose to compete in any sport of your liking, including fantasy football (NFL), fantasy basketball (NBA), fantasy hockey (NHL), fantasy baseball (MLB) and more.

Brief History of DFS:

The origins of DFS can be traced back to the early 2000s, when online fantasy sports leagues first gained popularity. However, it wasn’t until the late 2000s and early 2010s that DFS truly took off, with the introduction of new and innovative platforms that made participation easier and more accessible for players. The idea of daily fantasy sports has been around for a few decades, but it wasn’t until the US companies DraftKings and FanDuel entered the market in 2009 and 2012, respectively, that things really took off.

Wall Street paid these websites a lot of attention, and they immediately partnered with US sports leagues including the NHL, NBA, and MLB. Due to the development of mobile technology and the continuous liberalization of online sports betting, the daily fantasy sports revolution was well under way by 2015, and it appears that this trend will continue. There are numerous DFS sites and contests available today, providing players with a diverse range of options and opportunities to compete and win.

How Does DFS Work?

DFS is a game of skill and strategy, where players draft a team of athletes and compete against other players to see who can accumulate the most points. The scoring system is based on the real-life performance of the athletes in the games, with players earning points for goals or touchdowns, depending upon the sport they are playing. 

To properly understand how DFS works, you will have to learn about how you can play DFS. Lucky for you, we have a step-by-step explanation for you right here.

How to play DFS?

Step 1: Select a site.

With the rise of DFS, so has the number of DFS websites, making it difficult for players to choose the best one for them. Choosing the right daily fantasy sports site can improve your daily fantasy sports experience and increase your chances of winning, so make sure you make the right decision by considering all important factors.

The first consideration when selecting a DFS site is the game selection. Some daily fantasy sports sites may only offer fantasy leagues for the most popular sports, such as football and basketball. Others may have a broader range of sports, such as hockey, baseball and more. Make sure to choose a site that offers the sports you want to play, not the one that has the most sports.

Another important factor to consider is the DFS site’s contest types and prize pools. Some DFS sites may only offer head-to-head competitions, whereas others may offer more. Choose a site that offers the types of contests and prizes that interest you and will win you more prizes. Many DFS sites also offer new users promotions and bonuses, such as deposit bonuses or free entries into specific contests. Take advantage of these promotions to increase your chances of winning.

Lastly, you need to decide if you want to play conventional daily fantasy sports or one with a bit of an edge. We are talking about DreamPick, a site that offers team-based daily fantasy sports. How is that better, you ask? Instead of the complicated task of selecting individual players to create a team in traditional DFS, DreamPick DFS lets you make an easier and more strategic choice – of selecting entire teams. It offers contests like 50/50, beginner’s contests and sit n go’s. All the popular sports like NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB are available to play in Dream Pick. And the best part for a beginner is that it offers 100% match up to 100$ on their first deposit.

We made the process of selecting a site much easier for you, didn’t we?

Step 2: Draft/select your team.

The next step into playing daily fantasy sports is to draft or select your team. You will be given a detailed list of all the players who are eligible for selection, including their statistical data and most recent performance evaluations. It is your responsibility to draft or select the best team, but keep in mind that the total salary of your selected players should not exceed a predetermined amount, known as the “salary cap”. The salary cap is an important feature of DFS because it adds a layer of strategy and challenge to the game. Players must strike a balance between their desire for star players and the need to fill out their roster with lower-priced athletes who may outperform their salaries. This requires a thorough understanding of the players and teams involved, as well as the ability to predict which athletes will perform best.

To understand how the salary cap works, let us take an example. In a football DFS contest, you might have a $50,000 salary cap and be required to select one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, and one defense/special teams’ unit.

The process of team building is where expertise and tactical thinking come into play. Hence, it is critical to weigh your options and make informed decisions when assembling your team. Of course, the complex task of drafting a team with individual players and staying limited to salary caps is eliminated when it comes to DreamPick as you select an entire team for your contests. Instead of salary caps, players select a bonus threshold themselves. Going big or small on that bonus is their choice.

Step 3: Ready to play.

Once the competition begins (usually with the first game of the day), your team will earn points based on the real-world performance of the athletes or teams you have chosen. The scoring system varies depending on the competition and sport, but in general, touchdowns, yards gained, and receptions are rewarded, while interceptions and fumbles are penalized. In this stage, there is not much you can do, so sit back and enjoy the game. And if at the end of the contest, your team is the one who scored the most points, you win a cash prize. If not, better luck next time.

DFS provides a fast-paced and high-stakes gaming experience, with players having the opportunity to win or lose large sums of money in a matter of hours. DFS also allows players to interact with their favorite sports and teams in novel and exciting ways. Players can deepen their understanding and appreciation of the sport while also experiencing the thrill of competition by assembling a team of athletes and following their performance in real-life games.
But when you change some rules of the game, it becomes more thrilling. That’s what DreamPick has introduced to the dynamic world of daily fantasy sports. Some reasons you should go ahead and play DreamPick Daily Fantasy Game are given below:

  • Multiple Sports: They provide a variety of sports and contests from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.
  • Simple and quick: Entering a contest in DreamPick takes only 2 minutes, rather than hours of dealing with individual players. Furthermore, its scoring system lacks complex drafts and salary caps, so you don’t have to be a math nerd to understand what’s going on.
  • Strategic & Interesting: If you know your teams well, it can be more rewarding to predict team performance rather than individual player performance. For players who are skilled at analyzing team performance and making informed decisions, this can be more strategic and interesting.
  • Bonus: The best part is that you can customize your bonus points in DreamPick.
  • Secure Payment: DreamPick accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, unlike other DFS sites that only accept credit cards.
  • Team-Based Fantasy: Finally, DreamPick allows you to select and play your favorite teams. It increases the game’s unpredictability and risk, which can be very exciting.

Is DFS Legal?

The legality of DFS is constantly changing, and the legal landscape may change in the future. It’s always a good idea for players to stay informed about their country’s and state’s laws and regulations, and to make sure they’re participating in DFS activities legally. In some countries, DFS is illegal, and in others, it is legally regulated by the government. 

The legality of DFS has been a point of contention in the United States. While DFS is generally considered legal, it is currently illegal in a few states. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was passed in the United States in 2006, making it illegal for financial institutions to process online gambling transactions. The UIGEA, on the other hand, included a specific exemption for “fantasy sports,” prompting DFS providers to declare that their games should be permitted. However, this interpretation has been challenged in a number of jurisdictions, and as a result, DFS remains illegal in many American states.

The states DFS is legal in are: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

To learn more about DFS and its legality, you can visit our blog on DFS legal states. It ought to answer all your questions and put you in a winning mood!

DreamPick DFS:

DreamPick is an easy and exciting daily fantasy sports game that allows sports fans to compete for cash prizes based on their knowledge of their favorite teams without getting bogged down in complicated player stats like DraftKings or FanDuel. 

Daily Fantasy Sports at DreamPick is unique and thrilling as your victory or defeat is based on the performance of a whole team. You can also establish your own bonus threshold without the limitations of salary caps. This implies that you can modify the experience to meet your unique preferences and goals. Want to concentrate on high-scoring games? Increase the bonus cutoff amount. Do you favor defensive, low-score battles? Reduce the threshold to suit your preferences. A DFS game that you build for yourself is more rewarding to play rather than one with unnecessary restrictions.

DreamPick not only gives you more control over your daily fantasy sports experience, but it also provides a level of fairness and openness that is not usually found in other daily fantasy sports websites. But perhaps the most interesting factor of DFS is the type of sports DreamPick offers to players. Let us discuss all the sports available to play in DreamPick and how they work.

1. DreamPick NFL Fantasy:

NFL in DreamPick is not too hard to understand. It’s just fantasy football where managers play their football teams against each other based on their real-life performances and expect their strategies to win them the contest. It’s a fun way to engage in your favorite sport, put your knowledge to the test, and compete against other fans.

However, it is not simply a matter of selecting the best players and watching them score points. Football fantasy adds a layer of strategy and decision-making to the game, elevating it above the level of a passive spectator sport. You must monitor player injuries, matchups, and trends and make difficult decisions on selecting one team that will ensure your victory.

To ace in that department, you must understand how the scoring is done in DreamPick NFL Fantasy.

DreamPick NFL – Rules & Scoring:

Participants in NFL contests will select their preferred teams, with pre-selected players on each team. Participants will be required to set the bonus meter based on their level of confidence in the skill and past performance of pre-selected players. Estimated Fantasy Points will be provided by default.

The total fantasy points accumulated by each team, as well as their assigned bonus percentage, will determine the contest results.

Passing Yards1 Pt for every 25 yards
300+ Passing Yards3 Pts Bonus
Passing TD4 Pts
Interceptions -1 Pt
Rushing Yards1 Pt for every 10 Yards
100+ Rushing Yards3 Pts Bonus
Rushing TD6 Pts
Receiving Yards1 Pt for every 10 Yards
100+ Receiving Yards3 Pts Bonus
Reception1 Pt
Receiving TD6 Pts
Fumble Lost-1 Pt
2pt Conversion (pass/run/catch)2 Pts
Offensive Fumble Recovery TD6 Pts

2. DreamPick NBA Fantasy:

Fantasy basketball in DreamPick has grown to be one of the most popular fantasy sports. It entails choosing a team from real-life NBA teams and playing them against other teams based on their statistical performance. The goal is to win your league by scoring the most points possible. 

Creating a winning fantasy basketball team requires an understanding of the league, team performance, and strategy. It’s not just about choosing the top team; it’s also about knowing how a team is going to perform based on the individual stats of its players, which means you’ll have to pay proper attention to the real-life NBA games.

It’s time to understand how NBA scoring works in DreamPick.

DreamPick NBA – Rules & Scoring:

The basic rules of NBA fantasy in DreamPick are similar to the NFL rules, as in choosing their teams and setting the bonus meter according to their confidence and expectations. The total fantasy points accumulated by each team, as well as their assigned BONUS percentage, will determine the contest results.

Point1 Pt
3 Pt Shot Made0.5 Pt
Rebound 1.25 Pts
Assist1.5 Pts
Block2 Pts
Steal 2 Pts
Turnover-0.5 Pt
Double-Double{Max 1 Per Player: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals}1.5 Pts
Triple-Double{Max 1 Per Player: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals}3 Pts

3. DreamPick NHL Fantasy:

Fantasy hockey in DreamPick allows you to select and play the top scoring teams in the league. You compete against other fantasy managers in your league, and points are awarded based on your team’s actual performance. It is the ultimate examination of your hockey knowledge and decision-making abilities.

It’s crucial to consider aspects like individual statistics, team performance, and injury history when selecting your team. You should go for a roster that is evenly distributed among top scorers, standout defenders, and dependable goalies. Don’t be hesitant to take smart risks, like selecting a team with undervalued players in the draft or a promising up-and-comer. 

DreamPick NHL – Rules & Scoring:

Participants in NHL contests can choose from teams with pre-selected players on each team. The bonus meter will need to be set by participants based on how confident they are in the abilities and prior performances of the pre-selected players.  The total fantasy points accumulated by each team, as well as their assigned BONUS percentage, will determine the contest results.

Goal8.5 Pts
Assist5 Pts
Shot on Goal1.5 Pts
Blocked Shot1.3 Pts
Short Handed Point ( Goal/Assist)2 Pts Bonus
Shootout Goal1.5 Pts
Hat Trick3 Pts Bonus
5+ Shots3 Pts Bonus
3+ Shots3 Pts Bonus
3+ Points3 Pts Bonus
Goalie Scoring
Win6 Pts
Save0.7 Pt
Goal Against-3.5 Pts
Shutout4 Pts Bonus
Overtime Loss2 Pts
35+ Saves3 Pts Bonus

Notes: Goalies will be awarded points for all stats accumulated, including goals and assists.
The Goalie Shutout Bonus is credited to goalies who finish the game with no goals allowed in regulation or overtime. Goals in the shootout will not prevent a shutout. To be eligible for a shutout, a goalie must be the only goalie on record.

4. DreamPick MLB fantasy:

In DreamPick, fantasy baseball, also known as rotisserie or roto, is a game in which players draft and manage a virtual team of Major League Baseball (MLB) players. The goal is to score the most points based on the teams’ on-field performance. Fantasy baseball is a game of skill, strategy, and luck. To be successful, players must have a thorough understanding of team statistics, projections, and trends. 

Fantasy baseball in DreamPick can be a lot of fun and an excellent way to keep up with the MLB season. It can also be extremely competitive, with owners vying to outscore one another and claim bragging rights. Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy veteran or a newcomer to the game, you will end up enjoying the heck out of DreamPick MLB for its edge and uniqueness. 

DreamPick MLB – Rules & Scoring:

Same as the rest of the DreamPick sports, MLB also requires players to choose their teams with pre-selected players and set up a bonus threshold. The following table of scoring explains how teams earn points, and whoever earns the most, ends up winning the contest. 



Inning Pitched2.25 Pts
Strikeout2 Pts
Win4 Pts
Earned Run Allowed-2 Pts
Hit Against-0.6 Pt
Base on Balls Against-0.6 Pt
Hit Batsman-0.6 Pt
Complete Game2.5 Pts
Complete Game Shutout2.5 Pts
No Hitter5 Pts


Single 3 Pts
Double5 Pts
Triple8 Pts
Home Run10 Pts
Run Batted In2 Pts
Run2 Pts
Base on Balls2 Pts
Hit by Pitch2 Pts
Stolen Base5 Pts

Notes: Pitching statistics will not be counted, and hitting statistics for pitchers will not be counted.

How To Win at DreamPick DFS?

Several aspects of DreamPick DFS are nearly impossible to navigate when players are not prepared with winning strategies, which is why we are here to guide you to victory in DreamPick daily fantasy sports. Once you’ve scanned through our tips, you’ll be able to master any DFS contest. 

  1. Do proper research: Research is the most crucial stage of creating an ideal DFS strategy. Before deciding on your lineup, make sure to thoroughly research the players and teams for the games that week. Consider statistics, player news, team performances, and matchups when making decisions. Use stats that can assist you in predicting how an athlete will perform, to decide who to include in your lineup.
  2. Stay updated: Furthermore, it’s crucial that you be informed about everything, including player news and injuries. This information might influence how you choose your starting lineup and have a big effect on a team’s performance. In order to evaluate your performance and pinpoint areas that need development, you must also track your progress. It can also be helpful to listen to the advice of experienced daily fantasy players and take note of their tactics.
  3. Don’t be biased: Being a sports fan, it is possible for players to become emotionally involved when choosing players or clubs. Although you might want to start your favorite player, it might be that they are injured or that this isn’t their finest week. One error that many DFS players make is giving in to this bias. But keep in mind that there is actual money at stake. Make decisions based on logic and analysis rather than emotions to ensure that you don’t wind up losing everything.
  4. Use your budget well: Establishing and maintaining a budget is a critical factor of a good DFS strategy. Making the most of your resources and remaining within your limits will be made easier by doing this. Pay attention to player salaries to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal. Although you have no control over the players’ or teams’ performance, you do have power over how much money you invest in the ones you select. This challenge is eliminated with DreamPick, where you have the freedom to create your own bonus threshold. You must make sure to set your bonus wisely as a higher number poses a higher risk.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun: Remember that daily fantasy is merely a game meant to be enjoyed. You should never lose sight of the reason you started playing DFS in the first place, which was to have fun, even if you are determined to become a pro and make a life from it. The ethics often start to erode when players start to take it too seriously. Make sure, then, that you are having fun while also playing within your means.
  6. Select the right site: Finally, you must choose the best DFS site for yourself. Whether you are looking for an app that can help you maximize your sign-up bonuses or want easy cash contests that will earn you more money, the right site is out there!
    If, by any chance, you’re looking for a daily fantasy site that offers a variety of fun contests, self-set bonus points, and an extra punch, DreamPick is the way to go! The extra punch was referring to the site’s team based DFS contests. Team sports are more difficult in some ways. But once you understand them, and your analysis begins to point you in the right direction, you’ll never come back from them!

We have made a basic introduction into DFS strategies for you, but for a detailed guide to winning daily fantasy sports, you’ll need to visit our blog on DFS Strategy.


Daily fantasy sports have grown in popularity as a form of online gaming that combines the thrill of sports with the challenge of putting one’s sports knowledge. As you have a personal investment in the success of your teams, it also ups the thrill level of watching the games. Additionally, it gives gamers a place to contend for cash rewards, which adds another layer of competition and motivation. 

In this blog, we have covered what daily fantasy sports are, how they work, how they are played, where they are legal, and how to win them. We also introduced you to one of the most unique and entertaining DFS sites of today – DreamPick. It’s safe to say that you are now an expert in the field, at least in theory. Want to test out your knowledge? Download DreamPick today and get on with the play!

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